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Construction Projects Update

General Street Construction - 2015

Main Street Slough Bridge - Deck Repair
Bridgewood Drive (Cecil to Baldwin) - Reconstruct, Utilities
Shooting Star Drive (Armstrong to Remington) - 2" Mat
Armstrong Street (Shooting Star to Breezewood) - 2" Mat
Elmwood Court (Henry) - Overlay, Utilities
Jean Street (Western to John) - Overlay, Utilities
Green Street (Third to Fourth) - Overlay, Utilities
Meadowview Street (W. Cecil to Hillcrest) - Reconstruct, Utilities
Green Meadows Street (Meadowview to End) - Reconstruct, Utilities
Hillcrest Place (Meadowview to End) - Reconstruct, Utilities
Alexander Drive (Bruce to Commercial/North Side) - Sidewalk/Trail
Bruce Street (Parkwood to Castle Oak/West Side) - Sidewalk/Trail
Marathon Avenue (Parkwood to Castle Oak/East Side) - Sidewalk/Trail
Carriage/Secretariat (Commercial to S. Park/South Side) - Sidewalk/Trail
Castle Oak Drive  (Industrial to Marathon/Both Sides) - Sidewalk/Trail
Breezewood Lane (Gillingham to Harrison/South Side) - Sidewalk/Trail
Marathon Avenue (Bell to Byrd) - Utilities

Future Street Construction

For the current five year street construction program link to 2014-2018 Capital Improvements Program

For a map of the five year street construction program link to 2013-2017 Capital Improvements Program Map.


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