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Department of Public Works

Gerry Kaiser, P.E.: Director of Public Works

211 Walnut St., P.O. Box 426, Neenah, WI 54957-0426
Phone: 920-886-6240 Fax: 920-886-6250 Email:

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Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

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General Parking Rules

Parking Ordinances and Statues

If you’re looking for the language behind the parking rules, there are three governing documents. The State of Wisconsin establishes general parking rules in Chapter 346 of the State Statues. Neenah’s city-specific parking rules are governed by ordinance in Chapter 16, Article III in the municipal code. The governing document that determines the type of parking permitted on each street is the Official On-Street Parking Map.

Links to all three documents are provided below:
Wisconsin State Statue 346: Click Here
City of Neenah Municipal Code Chapter 16, Article III: Click Here
City of Neenah Official On-Street Parking Map: Click Here
City of Neenah Official Off-Street Parking Map: Click Here

General Rules

5-10-15 Rule of Distances

Parked vehicles on-street can cause visibility and accessibility issues.
To account for these issues, just remember the 5-10-15 rule:

  • Park at least 5 feet from a driveway
  • Park at least 10 feet from a fire hydrant or mailbox
  • Park at least 15 feet from a crosswalk or intersection

Our officers don’t like giving out tickets and we’re sure you don’t like receiving them, so keep this rule of thumb in mind to help you from getting unnecessary tickets. If you’re interested in the rules that apply this section see Wisconsin State Statute 346.53 and City Ordinance 16-69(b).

The “No Reparking” Rule

To keep the spaces available for visitors of the downtown, Neenah has a “No Reparking” rule in time limit areas. This means that it is not OK to park for 2 hours and move to another 2 hour space. If you need more time than 2 hours, metered parking is available for you. If you are an employee of the downtown, the City has permits available in many of our lots nearby. For more information on the “No Reparking” rule, see City Ordinance 16-70(b)(4).

Stopping versus Parking

You may have noticed that some areas in Neenah have signs that state “No Stopping.” No stopping is more restrictive than no parking, because even pick-ups and drop offs are prohibited. Some communities also use the term “No Standing.” Definitions for each are bulleted below:

  • No parking: You shall not stop your vehicle except when loading or unloading passengers or property.
  • No standing: You shall not stop your vehicle except when loading or unloading passengers.
  • No stopping: You shall not stop your vehicle.

Emergencies are of course an exception to the rule. For more information you can visit the rules of the road statute definitions at Wisconsin State Statue 340.01.

24-Hour Maximum Limit

The maximum amount of time a vehicle may be parked on a public street or parking lot is 24 hours.  If a vehicle is parked longer than this period, it may be ticketed or towed. For more information on the 24-hour maximum limit rule, see City Ordinance 16-69(d)(3).

Dumpsters on City Streets

Any portable storage containers, such as dumpsters or PODS, to be placed on a public street or sidewalks must be approved by the Public Works Department.  If you would like permission to place a portable storage container on the street, contact the Public Works Department at 920-886-6240.

Any approved dumpster must have reflective sheeting along the vertical edges of the dumpster or must be barricaded with cones with reflective sheeting.  Approved dumpster locations not within valid parking stall locations will have additional barricading requirements.  The City does not provide barricading materials; it is expected that the dumpster provider will provide or contract out any materials required. For more information, see City Ordinance 26-550(1)(f).

Parking Commercial Vehicles on Residential Streets

Vehicles that are primarily used for commercial use (including trailers) are prohibited from parking in residential areas, except for when loading or unloading the vehicle. For clarity, a commercial vehicle is either over 8,000 pounds, over 20 feet in length, or over 8 feet tall.  For more information, see City Ordinances 16-69(g) and 26-550(1)(g).

Off-Street Parking on Residential Properties

Click here for information on parking rules on residential properties.  If you have questions regarding parking restrictions on residential properties, you may contact the Community Development Department at 920-886-6130.