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About – City Council

Common Council

Entire City Council:
1st Aldermanic District:
2nd Aldermanic District:
3rd Aldermanic District:


City Council Members


Cari Lendrum Cari Lendrum
1st Aldermanic District Phone: 920-727-4577
Email: clendrum@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
Community Development Authority (CDA)
Joint Review Board
Public Services & Safety – Vice Chairman



William Pollnow William Pollnow
1st Aldermanic District Phone: 920-720-5035
Email: wpollnow@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
Committee on Rules – Chairman
Emergency Government Committee
Finance & Personnel – Vice Chairman
Water Works Commission


Shiloh Ramos Shiloh Ramos
1st Aldermanic District Phone: 920-725-3323
Email: sramos@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
Cable TV Committee
Finance & Personnel – Chairman
Legislative Review Committee – Chairman
N-M Joint Fire Finance and Personnel Committee



Marge Bates Marge Bates
Council President
2nd Aldermanic District Phone: 920-729-5556
Email: mbates@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
Committee on Rules
Finance & Personnel
Legislative Review Committee
N-M Joint Fire Finance and Personnel Committee
Public Services & Safety



Tamara Erickson Tamara Erickson
2nd Aldermanic District Phone: 920-729-9157
Email: terickson@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
BID Board
Finance & Personnel
Library Board



Christopher Kunz Christopher Kunz
2nd Aldermanic District Phone: 920-969-9799
Email: ckunz@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
Finance & Personnel
N-M Joint Fire Finance and Personnel Committee
Park & Recreation Commission



Tim Hamblin Tim Hamblin
3rd Aldermanic District Phone: 920-722-4593
Email: thamblin@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
Board of Public Works
Plan Commission
Public Services & Safety
Water Works Commission



Lee Hillstrom Lee Hillstrom
3rd Aldermanic District Phone: 920-722-0774
Email: lhillstrom@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
Committee on Rules – Vice Chairman
Board of Public Works
Park & Recreation Commissioner
Public Services & Safety – Chairman



Jane Lang Jane Lang
3rd Aldermanic District Phone: 920-727-4783
Email: jlang@ci.neenah.wi.usCommittees:
Bergstrom Mahler Museum Board of Directors
Landmarks Commission
Loan Assistance Board
Public Services & Safety