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Neenah Skate Park Reopening Tuesday, July 11

Posted on July 10, 2017 by Joni Heinz

Join the City of Neenah Park and Recreation Department in celebrating the reopening of the Neenah Skate Park Tuesday, July 11 from 5:00 – 7:00pm. Celebration activities include opening remarks, history of the skate park, ribbon cutting, and demonstrations from local skaters and BMX riders.

What started as a dream and an innovative facility in 1997 has now become a main stay within the City of Neenah Park and Recreation system. The original park built in 1997 consisted of asphalt berms and homemade ramps which were replaced in 2002 with manufactured ramps until 2016/2017 when a completely new design created by American Ramp was proposed and implemented.  Asphalt was removed, new concrete ramps and a smooth concrete riding surface was installed, creating a minimal maintenance facility.

Skate parks have had a great impact on communities throughout the United States! If you give skaters / bikers a great place to go and practice their art, they will go there. Skating / biking requires great athleticism and power to perform tricks but also the grace to make it look effortless.  It is important for communities such as Neenah to allocate space and funding for the skate park.  Each year we dedicate space and funding for mainstream sports such as soccer, football and baseball but we need to keep in mind that we serve a diverse group of people with diverse needs and a skate park fills one of those needs.  Skate boarders and bikers are some of the most creative and intelligent individuals and that is what we want here in the city of Neenah.

“Providing recreational opportunities like the upgrade of the Neenah Skate Park for our young residents provides many with a safe place to have fun. Along with other sports venues for soccer, football and baseball Neenah’s commitment to having many different choices for recreation is obvious. The participants that utilize this space will have a place to show their athletic skills and trick performing abilities,” Mayor Dean Kaufert said. “Also, the location next to the Police Department offers chances for our officers to interact with the participants, which helps to create a more trusting community between Police and children and young adults.”

What: City of Neenah Skate Park Grand Reopening

When: Tuesday, July 11, 5:00 – 7:00p


Neenah Skate Park

2121 Marathon Ave

Neenah, WI 54956

(located south of the City of Neenah Police Station)


Michael T. Kading, Director of Park and Recreation


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