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Spring 2020 Leaf Pick-Up Scheduled

Winter came a bit early last year and because of that the City of Neenah’s Public Works Department was not able to finish collecting the leaves that residents had put out for collection. The City is aware this is a problem for residents so keeping with our commitment of providing exceptional service the Department of Public Works will have a ONE-TIME ONLY Spring Leaf Pick-Up. Crews will start collection on April 6th, cover the entire city once and then do a second round through the city beginning April 20th. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to assure that your leaves are collected:

* Leaves must be raked into piles or a row on the TERRACE ONLY
* Nothing will be collected in the road or gutter-line because of gravel
* Leaves not on the terrace will not be collected
* If you miss collection or improperly put them out-you are responsible to dispose of them properly (yard waste collection or the drop-off           site)
* No sticks, garden debris or fresh grass clippings are allowed
* Assure the piles are 3 feet or more away from objects such as telephone poles, mailboxes, trees, fire hydrants, etc.

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