Hydrant Flushing 2020


Hydrant Flushing Schedule 2020
April 13 – May 1  North of Cecil St
May 4 – May 22  South of Cecil Street

Neenah Water Utility Technicians will be flushing fire hydrants throughout the month of April and into May as part of an annual maintenance program. Flushing accomplishes two tasks: first, it cleans the mains of mineral buildup, and secondly, it ensures that all hydrants are in good operating order. The majority of the flushing is performed during the hours from 7:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. This process takes approximately four weeks to complete, depending on weather and water emergencies.  Flushing will begin at the northern boundaries of the City and commence south.

Utility Customers may experience low water pressure or discolored water during water main flushing.  This discolored water is safe and is caused by naturally occurring minerals being stirred up within the water mains.  Residents are urged to avoid water use when the flushing occurs near their neighborhood, especially for laundry purposes, as it may stain clothing. If you observe discolored water, run cold water in a non-aerated faucet such as a utility sink, bath tub, or exterior hose bib until the water runs clear.

The inconvenience which may result from water main flushing should not last more than a day.  If problems persist, customers should call 920-886-6180 or 920-886-6191.



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