Spring Election Will Take Place as Scheduled on Tuesday, April 7th

Citizens of our Great Community,

After watching and listening to the circus going on in Madison related to tomorrows election. This is a perfect example of why people are disillusioned with our government and politics.

The Supreme Court ruled that Governor Evers order related to ordering polls closed tomorrow is not valid.

That tells me that the current law of the land is that the Spring April 7th Election WILL be held tomorrow as planned.

I have checked with my colleagues around the area and all plan on polls opening at 7 am. We have done everything possible to provide a safer environment for people to vote in Neenah at one consolidated polling place. Council President Stevenson, Chair of the Election Task Force, Deputy City Attorney Adam Vandenheuvel and Deputy Clerk Stephanie Cheslock have done an incredible job of preparing us for the election in a responsible way.

Two and a half weeks ago two colleagues of mine, Mayor Hanna and Mayor Genrich, asked for the Governor and Legislature to explore alternatives. They told us that was not an option. we did what we could do to find an alternative.

My legal team advises me that we have a responsibility to conduct these elections under current law. My personal feeling should not enter into any decision. We will do our best to insure social distancing, proper sanitizing and creating a safe place to exercise your right to vote. I have a responsibility to protect my poll workers and voters and believe we have done what we can to do that. The polling place is 90k square feet and provides ample space for social distancing. We recommend washing hands and we will have gloves for those that want them and have installed plexiglass barriers to also help.

A special “Thanks” to all the poll workers and staff that will take part tomorrow in the elections Your willingness to insure an election is commendable.

Stay safe and healthy.

Mayor Dean




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