Fees, Regulations

General Rules:

  • SPRING CLEAN UP. FIRST MONDAY IN APRIL. All winter decor, including artificial bouquets and wreaths, must be removed prior to that
  • Planting of trees and shrubs requires written authorization from Oak Hill Cemetery; approved plant list is available at Oak Hill Cemetery or the City Hall Administration Office. Cemetery personnel will remove shrubs for a fee of $100.00 per request.
  • All planted flowers must be placed within 12 inches of marker or monument on the graveside of the lot. No plantings of any type are permitted in pathways.
  • No glass or tin containers for cut flowers permitted. Concrete or plastic containers preferred.
  • No statues, statuettes, trinkets, or knick-knacks will be permitted on any lot. Cemetery staff will remove all non-conforming decorations.
  • All decorations, other than flowers or wreaths, require approval by Oak Hill Cemetery personnel before being placed on any lot.
  • New graves will be top dressed and seeded once to establish a turfed gravesite. Oak Hill Cemetery does not sod graves or water seeded graves. Lot owners may hire a private contractor for these services.
  • Water taps are available for plant watering only; water is not safe for drinking. Water service is shut off from mid-October to mid-May.
  • Cemetery open daily dawn to dusk.

Click here for foundation charges, grave opening charges and lot sales.

Marker and Monument Rules & Regulations

  1. All markers require a concrete foundation installed by Oak Hill Cemetery staff
  2. Click here for Marker Size Restrictions.
  3. Monuments allowed in monument sections only with the following restrictions:
    • One monument per lot.
    • Monument must be centered on the lot unless the lot is next to the road in which case placement is on the back of the lot. Placement exceptions require pre-approval of Oak Hill Cemetery.
    • Monument thickness limited by lot size.
    • Monument cannot be closer than 2.5 feet to any lot boundary.
    • Monuments/markers constructed of materials other than granite or bronze require written pre-approval by Oak Hill Cemetery.
  4. All non-standard foundations require written pre-approval of Oak Hill Cemetery.
  5. Flower urns with a base 8” or larger require foundations. No patio block or precast foundations are permitted under urns.
  6. Foundations installed spring (weather permitting) through the third Friday in November each year.
  7. Oak Hill Cemetery is not responsible for damage to markers and monuments.

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