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Parking Utility

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Downtown Parking Study


City staff have teamed up with downtown businesses to comprise the Downtown Parking Task Force, a group which focuses on improving the parking experience in downtown Neenah. In late 2014/early 2015, the Downtown Parking Task Force collaborated with Carl Walker, Inc., a distinguished parking firm, to develop the Downtown Parking Analysis and Management Plan. The purpose of the plan was to assess the state of parking in Neenah and to recommend improvements that will better balance needs of parking users and that will better utilize available infrastructure. Click here to download a copy of the final report that was completed in March of 2015.

Primary Recommendations

Parking Enforcement Recommendations:

  • Upgrade to computerized parking enforcement and ticket writing technology.
  • Explore the acquisition of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology for enhanced parking enforcement capabilities.
  • Revise enforcement procedures and extend coverage.
  • Adopt a graduated fine structure that provides relief for first time offenders, but penalizes repeat and habitual offenders.

Parking Policy Recommendations:

  • Remove all remaining parking meters.
  • Develop a different approach to better manage the N. Church Street Ramp.
  • Consider changing posted time limits at prime on-street areas and in the primary customer lots.
  • Explore ways to get better utilization out of existing, under-utilized City permit lots.
  • Work with private lot owners on opening parking up for the general public.

Customer Service Enhancements:

  • Develop marketing and communications plan to better promote available parking options and policies.
  • Computerize the parking permit system.
  • Address user comfort and safety issues identified in the online survey.

Transportation Demand Management:

  • Develop a carpool program inside the N. Church Street Ramp and designate prime spaces at lower levels as carpool only.
  • Explore funding options to create a seasonal shuttle operation for remote employee permit lots.
  • Create better bike options downtown.


The city has hired NuPark, a parking software company that specializes in integration with LPR systems, to provide a parking management system that provides the capabilities needed to carry out the key recommendations of the parking study. Currently, preparations are being made to update parking signing, implement technological improvements, and setting up a portal for online customer services. The anticipated target date for project completion is Dec 2017.











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