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Department of Public Works

Gerry Kaiser, P.E.: Director of Public Works

211 Walnut St., P.O. Box 426, Neenah, WI 54957-0426
Phone: 920-886-6240 Fax: 920-886-6250 Email:

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Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

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Parking Downtown

Over the next couple of months, the city will be implementing a new downtown parking management system. As changes are made, we will be updating this page. Check out some highlights of changes being made below:

  • More free customer parkingDowntown Neenah Public Parking Map

    2 hours too short? Meters too much hassle? The last of the parking meters have been removed, making all customer and visitor parking free of charge. Instead, there will be free 3-hour and 4-hour parking zones just a block away! If however you’re looking for a longer stay, check out getting a day pass (see below). In addition, time limits will now apply 8 AM to 7 PM on weekdays only. Weekends and holidays are on us! For more information, check out the map on the right or click here. Please note: Because of delay transitioning to the new system, some areas are still posted for 2 hours (Silver Lot, Gold Lot, 100 Block E. Wisconsin Avenue). The 2-hour parking restrictions posted on-site in these locations are in force until they are posted otherwise.

  • Mobile & online services

    We know busy schedules don’t always allow for time to stop in at City Hall, so soon all your parking needs can to be serviced online or through the new parking app at your convenience! This including parking permits, day passes, citations, appeals, and notification services.

  • Day passes

    There’ll be no more need to watch the clock – visits to downtown can be extended for the day with a “day pass” either online or on the new parking app. Day passes will be made available for the locations listed below. When day passes become available, more information will be included here on how to obtain one.

    • $4 for 3-hour and 4-hour zones
    • $2 for permit zones
  • Paperless permits

    If you’re currently a permit holder, you may have encountered some of the challenges with paper permits – they sometimes don’t fit on the rear-view mirror, leaving them on the dash may result in a ticket if the officer can’t see the full hanger, and it’s easy to forget to switch the hanger if you switch vehicles for the day. Those common instances should be a thing of the past with the transition to paperless permits based on license plates.  Permit holders will be able to assign up to 3 vehicles per permit and make changes or payments online.

  • Better wayfinding

    Sometimes it can be difficult to know if it’s okay to park in certain places.  Look for signing improvements to help you find the right spot for you!  Here’s what is changing:

    • Areas intended for customers will be signed exclusively for them.
    • All city-managed parking lots will be color-coded and have entryway signing to inform drivers if public parking is available in that specific lot.QR Code for Downtown Neenah Parking Webpage
    • A downtown wayfinding system will be introduced to direct travelers where to park based upon the length of stay.
    • QR Codes will be added to parking signs downtown for quick and easy access to the parking webpage.
  • 21st century enforcement

    None of these changes would be made possible if it weren’t for improvements in enforcement technology. The city will be utilizing license plate recognition (LPR) technology that will be used to verify vehicle permissions. For permit zones, the system will check to see if vehicles have a digital permit for that location.  For time limits, the system timestamps each vehicle and verifies the length of stay. This also includes the ability to detect re-parking (if a vehicle moves from one time limit parking space to another). For more information on how the LPR system will be used, click here to check out the LPR Data Retention Policy.


For additional updates and public releases, check out the links below.  Stay tuned, as there will be several notices to come!