Garbage & Recycling

  • Your day of collection may have changed. See map above.
  • Place carts curbside no later than 6:30 AM on your day of collection.
  • Keep carts 3 feet apart to allow room for automated equipment.
  • Keep carts 3 feet from other objects, i.e., trees, poles, mailboxes, parked cars.
  • Place carts with arrows toward street for collection.
  • Recycling will be collected every other week. See map and calendar above.
  • Do not bundle or bag recycling in plastic bags.  Place shredded paper in paper grocery bags and seal.
  • During holiday weeks, collection will be delayed by 1 day. See calendar above.
  • All refuse and recycling should be placed inside of carts.
  • Overflow refuse or recycling placed next to or on top of your cart will not be collected. Covers must close.
  • Carts are property of the City of Neenah. If you move, you must leave the cart at the address they were delivered.
  • All other collections (yard waste, large items/metal, fall leaf) remain the same. See your Recycling and Refuse Guide.
  • Do not place yard waste, large items/metal or leaves in your refuse or recycling cart.
  • Place your cart at the curb with the front of the lid facing the street with a minimum of three feet between each cart, mailbox, vehicle, utility pole, or any other object.
  • If terrace is too narrow to place the cart without obstructing your sidewalk, place your cart in the gutter pan area of your driveway apron.
  • Do not place carts in the street.
  • Improperly placed carts can not be collected.

Winter Placement

  • After a snow storm, the best place for your cart(s) is on your driveway apron after you have cleared your snow.
  • You could also place your cart(s) on a cleared area on the street side of your terrace, but they must be 3 feet apart.
  • Do not place your cart(s) on snow banks.

Refuse and Recycling Route Map

Residents requesting a cart exchange after January 11, 2019, will be charged a fee of $25 per cart.  Fees must be paid in advance in the Department of Public Works, 211 Walnut Street.  Contact the Department of Public Works at (920)886-6240 with questions.  (Exception:  New property owners will not be charged a fee for the first cart exchange request)

 Cart Size Height Width Depth Approximate No. of
Kitchen Trash Bags
65 Gallon 40.5 inches 26.7 inches 28.1 inches 6
95 Gallon 45.1 inches 28.8 inches 33.7 inches 10

Additional Cart Request – Residents are able to request additional refuse and recycling carts.  To be eligible for an additional cart, residents must currently have a 95 gallon refuse and or recycling cart.   The cost for an additional refuse cart is $205/yr and the cost for an additional recycling cart is $25/yr.  These costs are placed on your tax bill.  If you would like to request additional carts please click here to submit the Additional Cart Request form.

New Construction Cart Request-Residents that have recently built a new home in the City of Neenah call the Department of Public Works Office at 920-886-6240 or complete the New Construction Cart Request Form by clicking here.

Cart Exchange Request-Residents are able to request to exchange their current refuse and or recycle cart if they find it is not meeting their current needs.  The city offers, a one time, no fee cart exchange program for residents that have moved into an existing home and would like to exchange the size of the cans.  Residents that were the original requester of the current cart size will be charged $25 per cart exchanged.  The city will verify property owner information before processing the request.  If you would like to exchange your current cart please click here.