Arrowhead District

Over many years, the City of Neenah has contemplated the best and highest use of the site which is currently known as the Arrowhead Park District. This thirty acre site located adjacent to our beautiful downtown came about as the result of the former industry that was located on and near it. Our community has a rich history of both flour mills and paper mills, and that milling history significantly contributed to the vitality of Neenah. 

In 2022, the City underwent a planning process with RDG Planning and Design of Des Moines, Iowa, for the evaluation of our downtown. Planning for the future takes tremendous skill, creativity, and thoughtfulness, and that’s just what RDG brought to the process. Because the Arrowhead District is adjacent to our downtown and holds so much potential for future development, we made the decision to engage the services of RDG for a completely new evaluation of the Arrowhead site.

As we contemplate the opportunities here on this thirty acre, water-front property, we encourage you to participate in dreaming with us. What would you like to see here? How can this site complement our already amazing downtown district? Please help us dream and imagine by completing the survey for Arrowhead. Together we can create something extraordinary.