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Public Art in Neenah


Image of Native American artifacts
Native American Exhibit



Thomas Jefferson statue in downtown Neenah
Thomas Jefferson The principal author of the Declaration of Independence and third U.S. President. The Jefferson statue is situated on East Wisconsin Avenue in front of One Neenah Center. The life-size sculpture was created by sculptor George Lundeen of Colorado.



Statue Of Liberty in downtown Neenah
Statue of Liberty Corner of North Commercial Street and West Wisconsin Avenue, Artist David Spellerberg A replica of the Statue of Liberty, in reduced size, stands guard over the city of Neenah. The plaque affixed at her base reads: “This Memorial is dedicated on this 100th birthday of Lady Liberty in honor of those who have given their lives to make freedom a continuing reality in Neenah. July 4, 1986. The employees of Bergstrom Enterprises.” The mini- Liberty was built to be 10 percent the size of the original, which makes her approximately 15 feet tall.



Neenah Library Mural
Neenah Public Library – Children’s Department Mural, 240 E. Wisconsin Avenue; Artist Timothy Haglun. The mural shows children having fun reading books, playing, canoeing and cooperating. They are in a fanciful land that is populated with storybook characters and creatures. The artist hopes that this mural will inspire children to imagine and to explore new worlds in books.



American Indian Ho-Chunk Chief Glory of the Morning Statue in downtown Neenah
American Indian Ho-Chunk Chief Glory of the Morning”Ho-Po-Ko-E- Kaw” Winnebago Indian Chief, 1710 – 1789, who peacefully led her tribe for over 50 years with a legendary commitment to their ongoing welfare and development. She is known for her open and warm welcome to all visitors, while fiercely protecting her Winnebago land, culture and heritage. Her village was built in Neenah on the island of the Fox River. The statue is located on Wisconsin Avenue between One Neenah Center and Two Neenah Center.



Wind Sculpture at Neenah Public Library
Wind Sculpture Behind the Neenah Public Library, 240 E. Wisconsin Avenue overlooking the water; Artist Lyman Whitaker. Donated in the memory of Joyce Chase. The Double Helix wind sculpture is organic and natural and gently moves with the breeze. The sculpture can also be viewed from Children’s Department of the library.



Joyful Empowerment statue in donwtown Neenah
Joyful Empowerment Gateway Plaza Main Street; Artist Angela Mia De la Vega. This sculpture symbolically brings life to a little girl poised on top on the world raising her arms to the sky in Joyful Empowerment. In America, everyone has the freedom to receive an education, and with it to chase their dreams.



George Washington statue in downtown Neenah
George Washington The first President of the United States, located in front of the new Plexus Office Building on the corner of West Wisconsin Avenue and Main Street, the life-size sculpture was created by sculptor Mark Lundeen of Colorado.



Founder's statues in Doty Park
Founder’s Statues Doty Park, 701 Lincoln Street; Artist Freya B. Wellin. The three large stone sculptures represent the Founder’s of the Twin Cities James Duane Doty, Harrison Reed and Curtis Reed.



American Eagle statue in downtown Neenah
Two American Eagle Sculptures Located on East Wisconsin Avenue, at the entrance to the parking lot of Bemis Company, Inc., and across the street from the entrance to Shattuck Park. The other sculpture is located at the entrance to Two Neenah Center. Both are by sculptor Sandy Scott of Colorado.



Bronze Eagle statue in Winneconne Ave Roundabout
Bronze Eagle Sculpture Located in Center of Roundabout – Green Bay Road & Winneconne Avenue. Artist Sandy Scott of Colorado. Scott is widely recognized as one of the country’s premier animal sculptors.



Doty Cabin
Native American Artifacts at Doty Cabin, 701 Lincoln Street. Doty Cabin was built in 1948 with the original timbers from the cabin which Territorial Governor James Doty built in 1845. The house museum is furnished with original pieces which belonged to the Doty family and also includes a significant collection of Native American artifacts. Doty Cabin is owned by the City of Neenah.



Playing in the Rain statue in Riverside Park
Playing in the Rain – Sculpture/Fountain Riverside Park 500 E. Wisconsin Avenue; Artist Dallas Anderson. The fountain sculpture is composed of ten children of various ages, wearing swimsuits, joyously playing in the rain. The children dance on and around six poles of various heights which extend from a hexagonal granite base. The tallest pole in the center of the fountain sprays water down over the children periodically at the top of every hour. A series of smaller water jets bubble water around the edge of the granite base and into the fountain pool below. Two of the children, a boy and a girl, stand on top of two poles, one foot on top of each pole. Another boy sits on top of one of the poles and a girl in pigtails swings around the middle of one of the poles. A baby crawls in the center between the poles and the rest of the children frolic in between the poles or around the edge of the base.



Musical Dance Chimes in downtown Neenah
Musical Dance Chimes Gateway Plaza – Main Street next to the Affinity Medical Group Building. Interactive step-on dance chimes. Young and old can step on the chimes and play their favorite tune. Tune selection ideas change seasonally.



Abraham Lincoln statue in downtown Neenah
Abraham Lincoln The statue of Lincoln, the 16th U.S. President, is located on West Wisconsin Avenue in front of Plexus Corporation’s Global Headquarters. The artwork was created by sculptor George Lundeen of Colorado. According to the artist, this shows Lincoln sitting on a hardwood bench holding notes from the last paragraph of his second inaugural address given on March 4, 1865.



Kaleidoscope in front of the Neenah Public Library
Neenah Public Library’s kaleidoscope planter with two teleidoscopes, located outside the main entrance of the Library. The interactive, living sculpture was donated in memory of longtime patron and library friend, Yekta, by his sons, Rob and Steve Yazicioglu. Artist: Robert C. Anderson, Door County. Steel, powdercoat finish.




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