Public Works

Summer Hours

Enhance the quality of life in the City by providing high quality design, construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure and superior resident service consistent with the vision and goals of the community.

The Public Works Department is responsible for a variety of functions that make Neenah a clean, attractive city. It is responsible for the administration of the engineering, traffic and street/sanitation divisions – providing direction and supervision for all design, maintenance, repair and construction of streets, sidewalks, street lights, street signs, traffic signals, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, parking lots, and city buildings and structures. This includes 136 miles of public streets, 127 miles of sanitary sewers, 98 miles of storm sewers, 19 signalized intersections, 11 roundabouts and 281 street lights.

The department also is responsible for providing and implementing such public services as recycling, garbage collection and disposal, yard waste collection, snow and ice removal and street cleaning. It also functions as a technical advisor for other departments on matters of traffic, construction and mapping.