Neenah and the Fox Valley area support one of the nation’s most highly educated workforces.  Area employees have a reputation for hard work, reliability, and overall strong work ethic which is vital to competing in today’s global market.

Neenah’s labor force averaged over 19,000 participants in 2011; the labor force in the Fox Cities overall was over 323,000. Over 90% of the city’s population (age 25 and over) graduated high school, and about 30% with a college or higher professional degree.

Neenah Employment by Industry

Median Hourly Wages

The Northeast Wisconsin Chambers Coalition has completed the Fox Valley Wage & Benefit Study. The Study gathered comprehensive and up-to-date wage and benefit data from Fox Valley businesses.  A copy of the study may be obtained from the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry at 920-734-7101.

The following is a sampling of the median hourly wage rates of some occupations from the study:

Occupation Hourly Wage
Switchboard Operator/Receptionist $ 12.75
Administrative Assistant/Secretary $ 13.86
Applications Systems Analyst/programmer $ 27.11
Information Systems Manager $ 36.76
Network/PC Support Technician $ 20.72
Network Administrator $ 27.03
Accountant $ 21.00
Accountant, Associate $ 16.35
Accounting Clerk $ 14.86
General Accounting Manager $ 30.77
Payroll Clerk $ 16.67
Human Resources Assistant $ 13.96
Human Resources Generalist $ 18.65
Safety Manager $ 35.61
Marketing Specialist $ 18.10
Customer Service Representative $ 18.03
Customer Service Supervisor $ 21.15
Sales Representative $ 26.44
Production Supervisor $ 25.66
Plant Superintendent $ 31.87
Source: 2009 Fox Valley Wage Survey Database, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc.

Countywide workforce data is available from the following download:

Winnebago County Workforce Profile