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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide safe, dependable, high quality potable water in a cost effective manner. We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction.

Announcements and Outages

Hydrant Painting
Have you seen any white fire hydrants lately?  As part of routine maintenance,  Neenah Water Utility is painting fire hydrants around the City.  The Utility’s Contractor will sand blast the unsightly paint and rust off a hydrant, then coat the hydrant in a white primer.  This primer will remain on the hydrant for a few days to set and allow for appropriate weather for the final yellow finish coat.  If you are aware of an unsightly hydrant and wish to have it put on a future repaint list, please contact the Neenah Water Utility at 920-886-6180 or e-mail us at: water@ci.neenah.wi.us.

Consumer Alert!
There are companies in the area that are selling insurance for your water service line or providing water testing with the intent to sell you a product to soften or filter our water. Most of these companies and the products they sell are legitimate, but it is up to the homeowner to discern if the products are necessary.  The Neenah Water Utility produces water that meets all state and federal standards, set forth by the DNR, EPA and AWWA Association.  If you have questions regarding the quality of the water produced by the Neenah Water Utility, please call 920-886-6196.

Contact Information
In this day of cell phones and no phone books – we need your cooperation to provide an active phone number and e-mail address, so if there is a problem/question we can contact you.  Please do one of the following:

1. Phone Neenah Water Utility at 920-886-6180
2. E-mail us at water@ci.Neenah.wi.us
3. Write your phone number and e-mail address on the next quarterly stub when you make your payment.

Did you know?

The water meter can be a tool to help find out if your home has any leaks.    For more information see Repair Drips

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