Board of Review

Board of Review (BOR) is a quasi-judicial body that reviews and decides cases where property owners disagree with the assessment of their property.  It’s part of the checks and balances of the Assessor’s Office.  The Board of Review powers and duties are defined by Wis. Stats. Sec 70.46 & 70.48 as follows:

  • Adjust assessments when they are proven incorrect by sworn oral testimony
  • Correct any errors or omissions in the descriptions or computations found on the assessment roll
  • Check the assessment roll for omitted property and double assessments

Due to 2023 being a revaluation year, the Board of Review is scheduled for October 4 at 9:00 a.m.

On Tuesday, May 9, 2023 the Board of Review will meet to adjourn to a later date as required by Wi. Stat. 70.41(1).   Below is the notice:
Board of Review Notice – Meet to Adjourn to Later Date

The annual two-hour required board member training will also take place at May 9th meeting. Below is the link to the Board of Review agenda:
A 20230509 BOR

Board of Review is scheduled for October 4, 2023.  Property owners are encouraged to speak with Assessor’s Office regarding their assessments during the Open Book period  which is prior to the Board of Review taking place.

Open Book is scheduled to be held August 22-24, 2023 before the Board of Review. During this session, the municipality’s assessment roll (which lists all the municipality’s properties) is open for examination. The property owner can informally discuss the property value with the city assessor. During Open Book, objections should be submitted to the assessor’s office before meeting with assessment staff using the Open Book Objection Form If the property value is changed at Open Book, the assessor corrects the assessment roll.  

To request a Board of Review hearing an objection form must be completed and submitted to the Clerk’s Office no later than 9:00 a.m. October 2, 2023. Objection forms may be submit via email: If submitting electronically, call the Clerk at (920) 886-6110 to confirm receipt of your submission.

It is highly recommended that all residents wishing to appeal review the resources below to use as a guide in the hearing process:
Property Assessment Appeal Guide from Department of Revenue
Open Book and Board of Review Common Questions from Department of Revenue
Request for Waiver of Board of Review Hearing