Office of the City Attorney
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Office of the City Attorney

City Attorney David C. Rashid

211 Walnut St., P.O. Box 426, Neenah, WI 54956
Phone: 920-886-6106 Email:

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Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm

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Municipal Code

The Common Council adopted a new code of ordinances effective on May 1, 2006. Hard copies of the code may be reviewed at both the City Clerk’s Office and the Neenah Public Library. The Code is available to view on the city’s website by clicking here: Municipal Code.

The official traffic maps referenced in the Municipal Code can be viewed by clicking on the following:

The Park Rules referenced in the Municipal Code can be viewed by clicking here: Park Rules.

The following ordinances have been adopted since the last update of the municipal code and are not included in the above link.

Ordinance No. Adopted Content
2022-02 07-20-2022

Repealing Neenah Municipal Code, Sec. 21-133 and Amending Neenah Municipal Code, Sec. 17-27 Cross-connection Control and Sec. 21-134 Well Abandonment.

2022-13  07-06-2022

Rezoning land located at 2001 Marathon Avenue from the I-2, General Industrial District to the C-1, General Commercial District.

2022-14 07-06-2022

Adopting the Amendment to the City of Neenah Comprehensive Plan Update 2040 relating to changes to the Future Land Use Map for land located at the northwest corner of Marathon Avenue and Byrd Avenue.

2022-15 08-17- 2022 Rezone land located at 684 Congress Street from C-1, General Commercial District, to R-1, Single-Family Residence District.
2022-16 08-17- 2022 Project Plan Approval #1-22 for Bridgewood Planned Development District to allow the construction of the Bridgewood Luxury Apartments.
2022-17 09-07-2022 Rezone land located along Jackson Street, McKinley Street, S. Commercial Street, Henry Street, and Tyler Street from C-1, General Commercial District and R-2, Two-Family Residence District to the I-2, General Industrial District.
2022-18 09-07-2022 Amend Article IV – Stormwater Management Services
2022-19 10-05-2022 Annexing City of Neenah owned property located in the Town of Vinland along Woodenshoe Road to the City of Neenah.












To view archived ordinances, click here.

To purchase a copy of this Code, click here , or call Municipal Code Corporation at 1-800-262-2633.

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