City of Neenah
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Found Property

 Found Property 170.07 Lost chattels, notice. Except as provided in ss. 170.05 and 170.12, if a person finds $25 or more or any goods having a value of at least $25 but less than $100, and if the owner of the money is unknown, the finder shall, [read more…]

Community Room Reservations

D.J. Forcey, Jr. Community Room Did you know the Neenah Police Department has a meeting space available for the public to use? The D.J. Forcey, Jr. Community Room is available to use as a free public service to the community, regardless of the beliefs and [read more…]

Training Instructor

The Neenah Police Department prides itself on maintaining a high level of training for all of our officers. The State of Wisconsin standard is set at 24 hours of training per year. In 2020, Neenah Police Department officers averaged 68.2 hours of training. To help [read more…]

Field Training Officer (FTO)

The Field Training Program at the Neenah Police Department provides new officers with all of the knowledge required to perform the essential duties of a police officer. The field training officer (FTO) is one of the most important assignments patrol officers can undertake.  In order [read more…]

About Us

Chief of Police: Aaron L. Olson Assistant Chief: Jeffrey P. Bernice Professional Standards Captain: Thomas H. Van Sambeek Our Calling: We are Neenah’s Guardians, standing between peace and peril to keep our community safe. We are warriors against evil, defenders of life, protectors of rights, [read more…]

Drug Drop Box

Did you know?  It is no longer acceptable to flush or throw away medication. Recent studies show measurable amounts of medication have been found in drinking water and wildlife due to flushing or throwing away medications. Medication strength changes over time and is not typically [read more…]

Crisis Negotiation

The Neenah Police Department Crisis Negotiation Team follows the FBI’s crisis negotiation model. We have an 8-person team that consists of both officers and civilian staff. The team trains quarterly in techniques used nationwide. In this day and age of law enforcement, there is an [read more…]


The Neenah Police Department SWAT Team is specially trained and equipped to respond to unusual, high-risk, or emergency types of situations. Their primary goal is to isolate, contain, control, and resolve high-risk situations as effectively as possible while minimizing the risk to all persons involved.  [read more…]

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