In This Department


The Neenah Police Department SWAT Team is specially trained and equipped to respond to unusual, high-risk, or emergency types of situations. Their primary goal is to isolate, contain, control, and resolve high-risk situations as effectively as possible while minimizing the risk to all persons involved. 

The Neenah Police SWAT Team is made up of officers from various parts of the department who volunteer to be part of the team. The officers are put through a selection process that tests their skill sets, abilities, knowledge, and training. These officers understand much is expected of them and know they must maintain a high level of work productivity, physical fitness, shooting ability, and tactical knowledge. They are tested twice a year on their fitness level and must meet or exceed the high standards or they will be removed from the team. 

A newer addition to the SWAT Team is Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS), which provides preventative urgent and emergent medical care during high-risk, extended duration, and mission-driven law enforcement special operations. TEMS medics are trained medical personnel assigned to the SWAT Team and the police department during critical incidents. If needed, these medics can operate in the “hot zone.”

The Neenah Police SWAT Team currently has two firefighters from Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue (NMFR) who are trained TEMS medics. These medics train with the Neenah SWAT Team on a regular basis, can be present during SWAT deployments, and overall are valued additions to the team. With two medics on the team, Neenah SWAT is able to provide better medic coverage for critical incidents, as there will be another medic available if one is unavailable.