Private Well Abandonment

The proper abandonment of an unused well by closing and sealing the connection between the land surface and the groundwater avoids the possibility of contamination.  Under current Wisconsin law, only licensed well drillers and pump installers can fill and seal wells.  Well abandonment MUST include completion and submittal of a DNR Well Abandonment Form.  The licensed professionals must follow the regulations codified in Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter NR 812.  Please see the link below for State approved Licensed Filling and Sealing Contractors.                

Answers to Your Questions on Well Filling and Sealing


WI DNR Approved Licensed Inspectors, Filling and Sealing Contractors, Drillers and Pump Installers  



Please refer to Winnebago County and WI DNR for most up to date information regarding available grants.

Winnebago County Land and Water Conservation Department Out of Service Private Well Abandonment Program

WI DNR Well Abandonment Grants