Private Well Permitting

To obtain a well operation permit, the following items must be submitted to the Neenah Water Utility:

  • A completed well operation permit application form. 
  • Two (2) bacteriologically safe water sample results tested by a certified laboratory, at least two (2) weeks apart and not more than six (6) months prior to application date.  Each water sample must be tested for Coliform Bacteria and E Coli.
  • Inspection by a State licensed well driller and pump installer, at the applicant’s expense, that the well meets all conditions of municipal code Sec. 21-134.
  • A completed and signed DNR private well inspection form from a licensed well driller and pump installer, which certifies that the well conforms to Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 812.  See below for NR 812 Compliance Report  Form 3300-305.
  • Permit fee of $50.00
  • Send your completed application, two safe water test results, completed NR 812 Compliance Report, and payment to Neenah Water Utility, City Hall 3rd Floor, at 211 Walnut St., Neenah, WI or submit your application online.
  • After review and approval of submitted documentation, a permit to operate the well will be issued and sent to the applicant.

Private Well Application


WI DNR Well Inspection Compliance Report Form 3300-305


WI DNR Approved  Licensed Inspectors, Filling and Sealing Contractors, Fillers and Pump Installers


State of WI Certified Laboratories for Testing Water