South Commercial Street District

Commercial Building Exterior Improvement Program


The program goal is to increase economic vitality in the S. Commercial Street Redevelopment Area by preventing and eliminating blighting conditions including physical and functional, environmental, transportation, economic, and visual factors, through planning and financial investments. This program is made possible through a grant received by the City of Neenah from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and federal regulations apply. 

The program provides eligible projects with reimbursement of up to 50% of project costs and a maximum $10,000 grant award and a minimum of $1,000. Additional consideration may be made for projects providing other site amenities. 

Program Objectives

  • Maintain and improve building exteriors to sustain the commercial district.
  • Develop the positive appearance of district structures to strengthen economic vitality.
  • Attract public and private investment in the commercial district.
  • Support and develop projects of benefit to the district as a whole.

Eligible Properties

  • Principal structures on commercial properties.
  • Principal structures on properties recommended for redevelopment in the S. Commercial Street Redevelopment Plan on a case-by-case basis.
  • Tenant-leased properties with property owner as co-applicant.
  • Click on the Property Eligibility Map for a map of eligible properties.
  • Properties with open zoning, building or other City violations, unpaid special assessments, and/or unpaid property taxes are ineligible until violations are corrected, or taxes are paid.

Eligible Projects

  • Repair and replacement of exterior building components including treatment of exterior surfaces and decorative details where deteriorated or missing.
  • Projects to restore historically-significant building components.
  • Repair and replacement of attached signage and awning treatments attached to the principal structure.
  • Exterior projects to provide handicap accessibility.
  • Painting projects.
  • Cleaning, repointing and masonry repairs of exterior building surfaces.
  • Energy efficiency improvements.
  • Ineligible projects include projects initiated prior to City of Neenah approval, work not visible from a public street, roofing projects, new building construction, or projects to correct code violations.


  1. Submit an application (see below) including a detailed description of the proposed project.
  2. Meet with Community Development staff to review the project, application, and federal regulations such as contract and labor requirements. Compliance with federal regulations is required to successfully obtain reimbursement of project costs. 
  3. Obtain competitive quotes for the project with any necessary contract and labor requirements. 
  4. Submit the quotes and any other required application materials to the Community Development Department for review and approval by the City of Neenah.
  5. Upon approval, sign the grant agreement and the project contract provided by the City of Neenah.  
  6. Obtain the necessary building permits, complete the project, and pay the contract invoice. 
  7. Schedule final project inspection with Department of Community Development. 
  8. Provide proof of payment for award of grant.

Online Application

For more information please contact the Community Development Department

(920) 886-6125