Long-Range Planning

Here in Neenah we are always looking forward towards new development options to create an environment that everyone can live, work and grow in. Below are a few of our current plans.

Comprehensive Plan: The City of Neenah Comprehensive Plan 2040 presents a strategy to manage growth and development over the next 20 years. It describes a desired future for the community and establishes specific actions to be taken by the City to move toward that future. It can assist government officials, business leaders, and citizens as they develop plans, establish budgets, and make decisions by providing a clear picture of the direction the community may take in the future. The Comprehensive Plan is the culmination of a three-year planning program involving an intensive effort by Department of Community Development staff, the Neenah Plan Commission, and members of the Neenah Comprehensive Plan 2040 Steering Committee. 

Neenah Comprehensive Plan 2040

Neenah Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan

Downtown Plan
Waterfront Development Master Plan
Arrowhead Park Master Plan

Glatfelter Mill Redevelopment Document 11-13-2009