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Neenah Comprehensive Plan

Plan Neenah 2040


2024 Comprehensive Plan Update

The current City Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2017.  In summer-2023, the Community Development Department and the City’s Plan Commission began reviewing each element (chapter) of the Comprehensive Plan making changes to demographic, housing and economic data that was released as part of the 2020 US Census, modifying statements that may no longer be relevant, and updating the status of the recommendations identified in the Plan.

The Plan Commission approved the Comprehensive Plan update on March 12, 2024 and Common Council approved the plan on March 20, 2024.

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Updated Comprehensive Plan

Future Land Use Map (2040)

Below are a list of Plan Commission minutes related to the Plan update as well as the individual chapters (with changes) which have been reviewed by Plan Commission.



Reviewed Chapters

Comprehensive Plan Amendments since last update (12/20/17)


Volume One Chapters Volume Two Chapters

City of Neenah Comprehensive Plan (Goals, Objectives and Recommendations Report)

City of Neenah Comprehensive Plan (Existing Conditions Report)
Visioning Workshop Report Community Survey Results
Visioning Workshop Report Community Survey Report
 Interactive Mapping Results  Neenah High School Survey Results
Interactive Mapping Results Neenah High School Survey Report
  For more information on upcoming events, documents and maps relating to the plan, or information on how to get involved, please see the sections below.


Future Land Use Map (2040)


In accordance with 66.1001(4)(f) Wis Stats, City of Neenah shall maintain a list of persons requesting to receive notice of Comprehensive Plan amendments that affects the allowable use of the property owned by the person.  Persons desiring to be added to City of Neenah’s list can submit an email to or a letter to City of Neenah Community Development Department, 211 Walnut Street, Neenah, WI 54956.