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Municipal Code

The Common Council adopted a new code of ordinances effective on May 1, 2006. Hard copies of the code may be reviewed at both the City Clerk's Office and the Neenah Public Library. The Code is available to view on the City's website by clicking here: Municipal Code.

To view archived ordinances, click here.

To purchase a copy of this Code, click here, or call Municipal Code Corporation at 1-800-262-2633.

The official traffic maps referenced in the Municipal Code can be viewed by clicking here: Traffic Maps.

The Park Rules referenced in the Municipal Code can be viewed by clicking here: Park Rules.

The following ordinances have been adopted since the last updated of the municipal code and are not included in the above link.

Ordinance No. Adopted Content
 2014-8 5/7/2014

Official Street Map Amendment removing a 66-foot street reservation between CTH CB and CTH O in the Town of Neenah

 2014-9 5/7/2014

Creating Code § 4-65(p) relating to Appeal of a License Denial and Code Ch. 4, Art. XIV relating to Escorts and Escort Services License

2014-10 6/18/2014

Repealing and Recreating Code §11-3 relating to Open Intoxicants in public and on commercial quadricycles

 2014-11 7/16/2014

Adopting an amendment to the City of Neenah Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map 

 2014-12 7/16/2014

 Rezoning a portion of 934 Byrd Avenue from C-1 General Commercial District to I-2 General Industrial District