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Water Utility

Kent Taylor: Director of Water Utility

Phone: 920-886-6180 Fax: 920-886-6250 Email:

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide safe, dependable, high quality potable water in a cost effective manner. We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction.

Did you know?

The average faucet flows at a rate of 2 gallons per minute. You can save up to four gallons of water every morning by turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth.


Emergency personnel need your assistance. Please clear snow away from your fire hydrant. We realize the snow may be too hard to remove and that not everyone who has a hydrant in or near their yard is capable of shoveling.
fire hydrant buriedfire hydrant shoveled




We would like to encourage neighbors helping neighbors by adopting a hydrant.

If you are unable to clear the snow yourself, please call 920-886-6180.