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Office of the City Attorney

James Godlewski: City Attorney

211 Walnut St., P.O. Box 426, Neenah, WI 54956
Phone: 920-886-6106 Email:

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Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Municipal Code

The Common Council adopted a new code of ordinances effective on May 1, 2006. Hard copies of the code may be reviewed at both the City Clerk’s Office and the Neenah Public Library. The Code is available to view on the city’s website by clicking here: Municipal Code.

The official traffic maps referenced in the Municipal Code can be viewed by clicking on the following:

The Park Rules referenced in the Municipal Code can be viewed by clicking here: Park Rules.

The following ordinances have been adopted since the last updated of the municipal code and are not included in the above link.

Ordinance No. Adopted Content
2016-01 03/02/2016 Amending Sections 25-70, 25-71 & 25-72 of the Neenah Subdivisions and Other Land Divisions Ordinance (Chapter 25), Certified Survey Map.
2016-02 04/06/2016  CTH JJ annexation
2016-03 04/06/2016  Rezoning 211 Fifth Street
2016-04 04/06/2016  Rezoning Tullar Road/Winneconne Avenue
2016-02A 05/04/2016 Amending Ordinance 2016-2 that Annexed – 1.01 Acres of land – John Ross and Lori Chevalier, owned property to the City of Neenah – by correcting the legal description in Section 1.
2016-06 05/04/2016 Amending Code §4-95(g) regarding Sober Server Ordinance
2016-07 05/18/2016 Rezoning 1.01 Acres of land east of Dogwood Trail from R-1, Single-Family Residence District to Cottages at Woodside Green PDD, Planned Development District.
2016-08   07/20/2016  Revisions to street use permits.
2016-09 06/14/2016 Repealing Code §4-92(d) Grants for certain reserve “Class B” intoxicating liquor licenses
2016-10 08/03/2016 Project Plan Approval 1-16 Calvary Bible Church PDD
2016-11 09/21/2016 Rezoning land north of Dogwood Trail to R-1
2016-12 10/18/2016 Calvary Bible Church Annexation
2016-13 11/02/2016 Official Street Map Amendment
2016-14 11/02/2016 Rezoning Calvary Bible Church property on Oakridge Rd
2016-15 11/02/2016 Cummings Annexation
2016-16 11/16/2016 Rezoning 120 N Lake St
2016-17 12/07/2016 County Road JJ Pendleton Road Annexation
2017-01 01/18/2017 Comp Plan Amendment CTH JJ-Pendleton
2017-02 01/18/2017 Rezoning CTH JJ-Pendleton
2017-03 02/01/2017 Adopting the Amendment to the City of Neenah Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map
2017-04 02/01/2017 Rezoning 4.96 acres of land located along Winneconne Avenue from the R-2, Two-Family Residence District to the M-2, Multi-Family Residence District
2017-06 02/01/2017 Amend and Recreate portions of Code Ch. 16 relating to Parking Regulations and Enforcement

To view archived ordinances, click here.

To purchase a copy of this Code, click here , or call Municipal Code Corporation at 1-800-262-2633.