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Police Commission

The City of Neenah is 1 of approximately 150 Wisconsin communities required by state statute to form a police commission.

The Neenah Police Commission is comprised of five volunteer commissioners who are appointed to a five-year term by the mayor. The mayor maintains operational oversight of the police department, while the police commission independently provides direct oversight of the hiring process.

Our current commissioners are Samuel Erickson (President), Gilbert Mueller (Secretary), Judd Stevenson, Laura Kemps, and Robert Karrmann.

Responsibilities of a Wisconsin Police Commission:

  • Hires the chief of police
  • Conducts new hire interviews and creates a candidate eligibility list for the chief to fill vacant positions
  • Approves all promotions and appointments made by the chief of police
  • Establishes a hearing when formal charges are filed against the chief or any sworn police officer and issues a determination
  • Hears disciplinary appeals filed by a police officer for action initiated by the chief of police