Police Commission

The City of Neenah is 1 of approximately 150 Wisconsin communities required by state statute to form a Police Commission.

The Neenah Police Commission is comprised of five volunteer commissioners who are appointed to a five-year term by the mayor. The mayor maintains operational oversight of the police department, while the police commission independently provides direct oversight of the hiring process.

Responsibilities of a Wisconsin Police Commission:

  • Hires the chief of police
  • Conducts new hire interviews and creates a candidate eligibility list for the chief to fill vacant positions
  • Approves all promotions and appointments made by the chief of police
  • Establishes a hearing when formal charges are filed against the chief or any sworn police officer and issues a determination
  • Hears disciplinary appeals filed by a police officer for action initiated by the chief of police           


Samuel Erickson, Member
Term Expiration: 2024
Phone: 920-284-9613
Email: samuelj.erickson@outlook.com
Gilbert Mueller, Secretary
Term Expiration: 2024
Phone: 920-729-1914
Email: gibmueller@aol.com
Robert Karrmann, Member
Term Expiration: 2024
Phone: 920-475-3504
Email: bob@westgorfuneralhomes.com
Laura Kemps, Member
Term Expiration: 2024
Phone: 920-740-2045
Email: lakemps20@gmail.com
Judd Stevenson, President
Term Expiration: 2024
Phone: 920-540-2393
Email: judd.d.stevenson@gmail.com