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Bicycle Patrol

Image of NPD bike patrol biking together single fileThe Neenah Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the City of Neenah. Bicycles allow officers to get out of their squads and interact with the public on a more personal level. Our bicycle patrol officers are specifically trained in bicycle handling and patrol techniques. Bicycles are a unique tool providing versatility in community oriented policing, whether at a city event or just saying “hi” while riding through a park.

Our bicycle patrol officers teach classes on bike safety to children at local schools. The classes include a portion of classroom learning, a bike rodeo, and group rides.

The bike patrol also hosts an annual family fun night each year. This is a free community event thanks to volunteers and community donations. Activities include a bike rodeo, helmet fittings, local mascots, prizes, and much more. All are welcome to attend!

In the spring of 2020, the Neenah Police Department Bicycle Patrol was able to purchase two e-bikes from Cranked Bike Studio. These e-bikes were purchased using monies raised through generous community donations and family fun night events. The bicycles are pedal assist e-bikes, which means they must be manually pedaled before the drive unit will assist the cyclist with extra power. They have a top speed of 28 MPH and a range of up to 50 miles before they need to be re-charged. They can also be used just like traditional bicycles with the motor turned off. Our e-bikes are even equipped with emergency lights and siren.

With their speed, range, emergency equipment, and pedal assist, the e-bikes allow our bicycle patrol officers to travel longer distances, cover a much larger patrol area, and respond to calls more quickly than with the traditional pedal bikes. Additionally, with the pedal assist feature, officers are able to arrive at a call, whether it’s an emergency or routine call, without being exhausted