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Code Enforcement

The goal of code enforcement is to address property maintenance and quality of life issues to improve the safety and standard of living in the City of Neenah. Code Enforcement works with citizens, residents, and property owners to address complaints and work towards compliance.

Examples of code violations include (but are not limited to): storage of junk and debris, off-street parking violations of vehicles and trailers, seasonal violations (long grass/weeds, snow on sidewalks), dilapidated building exteriors, etc.

Citizen involvement is essential to the success of the code enforcement program

Code enforcement is staffed by one full-time employee. It is difficult to be aware of all the issues across the city without citizens helping make code enforcement aware of certain issues. If you have an concerns or questions about a property, please contact code enforcement.

You may also submit new code enforcement complaints by filling out our online form here.

For information regarding current or past case, or for general inquiries, please click here.

You may also contact code enforcement by leaving a message at (920)886-6044.

Please allow for a couple of days for complaints/inquiries to be reviewed. 

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