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Police Officers


New officers start out with 96 hours of vacation and 12 hours of floating holiday time per year. Non-patrol schedule officers are granted the same vacation allowances and 64 hours of floating holiday per year. Officers on the 12 hour schedule also earn 10 hours of sick time per month, while non-patrol schedule officers earn 8 hours per month. See vacation time schedule below.

The City of Neenah participates in the Wisconsin Retirement System. The city also offers competitive health insurance, vision and dental plans. There is also an option to opt out of these plans with a financial compensation. The City of Neenah also offers a free city clinic for employees and their family members. The city also provides basic life insurance in the amount of one times the employee’s annual salary. We also offer Employee Assistance Program and access to a contracted mental health professional who works with all police department employees.


The Neenah Police Department provides all the equipment necessary for an officer to do their job such as uniforms, footwear, belts, coats, duty gear, and protective vest. We also have a some of the newest equipment offered such as Axon Taser 7 and Body Camera 3.


The Neenah Police Department has an updated Lateral Transfer Program that will appeal to sworn officers, correctional officers and probation and parole officers! A lateral hire officer with five or more years of law enforcement experience will receive 144 hours of vacation upon hire. 

  • Sworn officers will receive full credit for their full time years of service
  • Corrections, probation or parole officers will receive half credit for their full time years of service

For pay and other information, please view the contract and MOU below.

2022-2025 Officer Contract

Lateral Entry MOU


  • United States citizen
  • 18 years of age
  • Possess a valid driver’s license with a good driving record
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • 60 post High School credits at an accredited university or technical college within six months of the initial interview
  • NO felony or domestic abuse-related convictions
  • Computer operation skills
  • Mental and physical ability to perform all essential functions of a police officer



We have a competitive pay scale and offer longevity pay along with holiday pay. Overtime taken by an officer can be paid out at a rate of time and one half. Officer are also able to place that time in a compensatory bank to be used as time off or it can be paid out at a later date (300 hour max). Officers also have 10 paid holidays where payment is made for those holidays twice per year whether the officer work those holidays or not. Worked holidays are also paid out at a rate of time and one half. Officers also have guaranteed minimums paid for hold overs, call-time, meetings and court appearances.



The City of Neenah Police Department requires officers to reside within 30 miles of the Neenah city limits within six months of completion of their probationary period.


Patrol officers work a 12 hour, three days on and three days off rotation. On the fourth rotation you work three days on and five days off. (3/3, 3/3, 3/3, 3/5) Officers are able to bid on work columns based on seniority when columns are open. Start times for the 12 hour schedule are normally 6 AM, Noon and 6 PM.

Non-Patrol staff work a 5-2, eight hour schedule with some having options to work a four day, 10 hour schedule.


  • K-9 Unit with two dogs
  • Traffic Safety Officer
  • Community Policing Coordinator
  • Two School Resource Officers
  • Six Investigators
  • S.W.A.T. Team
  • Crisis Negotiators
  • Drone Unit
  • Drug Unit Investigator (MEG)
  • Behavioral Health Officer
  • Bike Unit
  • Honor Guard
  • Quartet
  • Peer Support Officers
  • Training Officers
  • Drug Recognition Expert
  • Field Training Officers
  • Station Dog Handler



Recruit Officers who are not certified upon hire will be sent to recruit school and the cost will be covered by the City of Neenah. Recruit Officers will be paid at 100% of contracted wages during that time.

Training Academy MOU

The Neenah Police Department also has a generous budget in order to send officers to requested and required training courses throughout the state.



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