In This Department

Property & Evidence

In 2019, the Neenah Police Department added a full-time evidence custodian to our staff. Evidence Custodian Amanda Moe had previously spent 18 years as a patrol officer for Neenah PD. She is a certified property and evidence specialist through the International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE).

The evidence custodian is responsible for maintaining the integrity of evidence and chain of custody of all property that comes into her possession, in accordance with state laws, municipal codes, and departmental policy and procedures. This position reports directly to the investigations lieutenant and works with all members of the department to ensure the proper collection, preservation, and management of property and evidence.

Some of the main responsibilities of the evidence custodian include, but are not limited to:

  • Collecting evidence at crime scenes
  • Preserving/maintaining evidence
  • Preserving chain of custody of evidence
  • Sending items to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab for testing
  • Transporting firearms and ammunition to the crime lab for destruction
  • Disposing or returning items of evidence according to state statutes
  • Training new officers in the procedures and equipment of the evidence room and crime scene processing
  • Coordinating the annual bike auction with YouthGo for the found bicycles Neenah PD recovers each year (proceeds from the auction go to YouthGo for their operating needs to help local youths in our Neenah community)

The evidence custodian also assists with uploading media to and fulfilling media requests from the District Attorney’s Office, as well as other law enforcement agencies. The position is also responsible for coordinating the destruction of illegal drugs and maintaining the drug drop box in the lobby of the police department.