In This Department

Crime Analysis

Our Crime Analyst position has become a vital tool for helping law enforcement respond to, solve and even prevent crime. This position is currently filled by Investigator Austin Riska and he reports directly to the Investigative Services Lieutenant. In this role, Investigator Riska proactively interprets and analyzes data to find:

  • Crime patterns
  • Trends
  • Problem areas within our community
  • Uses technology and social media to develop potential leads to assist investigations
  • Gathers intelligence for possible threats to public and/or officer safety
  • Monitors the Neighbors Public Safety Service through
  • Tracks officers’ patrol efforts
  • Analyzes statistics and produces reports based on findings
  • Uses mapping technology to display crime and/or calls for service (heat maps, pin maps, etc.)
  • Delivers presentations on data collection
  • Providing Data



Investigator Riska provides data reports from police activity on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. He also provides data upon special requests from other entities, and provides data to internal department members on a weekly basis.

Communicating with Local Agencies

It is very important for local agencies to share information and data to assist with investigations. Each week, Investigator Riska and other local agencies share intelligence bulletins with each other to see if there are similar crimes occurring in different jurisdictions. These bulletins also provide critical officer safety information, photographs of suspects who need to be identified and much more!