Leaf Collection

The City of Neenah Public Works collects leaves from October to November.  To avoid problems with snow fall, residents are encouraged to rake their leaves as soon possible.  Please review leaf collection guidelines below,

  • Do leaves need to be in bags or containers
    No. Leaves must be loose on the terrace. No plastic bags or containers of leaves will be collected
  • Do I put the leaves in the street
    No. Leaves must be raked into the terrace area. Leaves in the street will not be picked up.
  • Why can't I rake my leaves into the street
    Helps prevents storm sewer drains from becoming clogged, avoids traffic hazards, attraction for kids, and causing parking issues
  • How do I know what area I am in for collection
    For a listing of your area click on the here
  • Do I need to call to be put on a list
    No. Follow the schedule below for your collection day. The collection dates are only a general guide.
  • What do I do if my tree loses its leaves after collection is over for the year
    The City does it’s best to schedule leaf collection