Neenah’s first roundabout – at the intersection of Breezewood Ln. and Tullar Rd. – was constructed back in 2005. Since then, 12 additional roundabouts have been built in Neenah, given the successes in improvements to both safety and efficiency. The city of Neenah maintains 10 of the 13 roundabouts within the city limits. (Two roundabouts are owned by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.) While roundabouts are not appropriate for every intersection, they can provide benefits unlike other intersection treatments. For the list of benefits, check out the video in the “What are Modern Roundabouts?” link below.

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The modern roundabout is a one-way circular intersection engineered to maximize safety and reduce traffic congestion. Drivers yield at entry to those who are in the circular roadway. This is different from traffic circles (or rotaries), which rather are circular roadways with different design standards and may have stop signs or traffic signals within the circle. In general, modern roundabouts feature the following:

  • A truck apron
  • Splitter islands
  • Smaller circular islands
  • Curved entry lanes

Check out the video below from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) for information on the features of modern roundabouts:

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How to Drive a Roundabout Step-by-Step

  • Slow down.
  • Watch for and obey traffic signs.
  • Move into the correct lane for the direction you want to travel.
  • Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists as you enter and exit the roundabout.
  • Look to the left for traffic.
  • Enter when it is safe.
  • Keep your speed low and stay in your lane within the roundabout (do not change lanes within the roundabout).
  • Exit carefully to your destination. Use your right-turn signal, in front of the splitter island just prior to your exit, to indicate your intention to exit.

For more information on navigating a roundabout, click here to view the “Rules for Driving Roundabouts” pamphlet.

Two of the most common driver mistakes in roundabouts are (1) making a turn from the wrong lane and (2) not yielding to traffic already within the roundabout. In Neenah, these two cases make up the overwhelming majority of accidents in roundabouts. The illustrations below highlight why it is important to choose the correct lane and to properly yield to traffic before entering the roundabout.

Improper Turn




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When large trucks with semi-trailers are entering and navigating a roundabout, all other drivers should not attempt to pass the truck. Large trucks should be given space so they can properly maneuver through the roundabout.

For those of you who are truck drivers, see the illustration below on proper maneuvering through roundabouts:

WisDOT RAB - Truck Navigation