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Projects Open for Bid

The City of Neenah has partnered with Quest Construction Data Network.  This is a web based service that will provide all of the City’s construction project bid documents, including advertisements, plans, contract documents, proposals, etc. in a more timely and effective manner.  

All contracts are bid online only through Quest CDN.  Bid documents may be viewed at no charge to contractors.  There is a fee of $22.00 to down load the bid documents and an additional $42.00 fee for those contractors who will be bidding on the project.

2023 Upcoming Bid Opportunities Click Here

Bidders Proof of Responsibility

Bidders Proof of Responsibility is required for all contractors who will be bidding on public works improvement projects.  Click here for the City of Neenah’s 2023 Bidders Proof of Responsibility.

City of Neenah Approved Bidders Click Here

Bid Results 2023

Contract 1-23
Contract 2-23
Contract 3-23
Contract 4-23
Contract 5-23
Contract 6-23
Contract 7-23
Contract 9-23
Contract 10-23